Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Another lazy, lay day in rain and thick fog, on a mooring in Tenant’s Harbor, Maine.

FOG in Tennant's Harbor

FOG in Tennant’s Harbor

But it is cool and lovely and we are thrilled to be here. We sailed in with sunshine and crisp air: it not only looked like Maine, it felt and smelled like Maine.

We left Marion, on the 16th, sailing for Martha’s Vineyard. We visited with friends who took us touring around the island and to swim in their host’s pool. We took them for a day sail touring the island from the sea and had a lovely few days there with them.

We sailed for Scituate, MA on the 18th as the weather was too unsettled to start for Maine. Scituate is a perfect cruisers’ harbor. It is well protected, with launch service from the moorings and shower facilities and all stores one could need in close proximity. J&J’s uncle Frank came to help us with our Ham radio rig and my cousin and her husband who run The Beachhouse B&B in Plymouth(look it up – it is charming) took pity on us and brought us back to stay with them until the storms passed through. The storms brought cooler weather and we returned to DOVKA Sunday noon and were underway by 1300.

Entrance to Burnt Cove Harbor, Swans Island, Maine

Entrance to Burnt Cove Harbor, Swans Island, Maine

It was lovely visiting with Frank and Merrilee, J&J’s aunt and uncle, and with my cousin and her husband, having an indoor hot shower and sleeping in a big bed and just as lovely to return to our floating home, raise the main, slip the mooring line and sail out. Especially since it was one of those rare, perfect sails with 10-15 knots on the beam and a full moon. We left in company with another Ocean Cruising Club boat from the Chesapeake Bay, FISCAL STRAY and they arrived in Tenant’s Harbor in our wake, yesterday morning. We arrived shortly after another OCC boat from Marion, whom we had seen sailing ahead of us on the same course in the middle of the night. We all had dinner on DOVKA last night, sharing sea stories and our strange and wonderful way of life.

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