Monday, July 15, 2013

A week ago we closed the door of our land home, climbed into our neighbor’s van and drove to DOVKA in Annapolis. For more or less 18 years we have been straddling lifestyles between shore and sea, but the stress of organizing to leave the house and to move to the boat still gets to me. I was ready to be gone! This first leg of the trip we were taking our neighbors’ 18 year old daughter and 21 year old son along for their first offshore sailing experience. Once on DOVKA, the parents had a tour of the boat, perishables were stowed, and we settled down to sleep in the very protected, very hot and still atmosphere of our cove. Jack and Julia slept on deck and we slept with the fan running all night.

Jack & Julia Reading on Passage

Jack & Julia Reading on Passage

Now I am at the chart table typing with a fan on me as we sit on a mooring in Marion, Massachusetts across from the Beverly Yacht Club. We had a lovely passage: hot to begin with, but with a good sail down the Delaware Bay (the first time ever on this dismal body of water) and into the Atlantic, where we had good winds and following seas most of the way north. Dolphins came to play in our bow wave in the middle of the night: phosphorescence glowingly silhouetting their bodies and sparkling off their blow holes. It was a magical sight.

J and J experienced all points of sail, wind, rain and fog. We sailed into the Great Salt Pond early Friday morning under a sunny sky, after 51 hours at sea. Down comforters covered us that first night in Block Island, as rain and fog moved in. We motored out in a downpour, but Jack and Julia’s last day with us, sailing from Cuttyhunk (the southwestern most of the Elizabeth Island Chain which makes the southern landmass of Buzzards Bay) to Marion, MA on the northern shore, was a perfect New England summer day with blue sky, puffy clouds and a great southwest breeze blowing up.

Their aunt and uncle met us ashore and we are now alone, missing our crew, but enjoying a hot, but lazy lay day before we continue our voyaging.

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